Wednesday, October 05, 2005

An example where engineers came up with a solution to a problem when the language designers didn't

Constructors in modern OO programming languages have 2 main defects, that often cause annoyances, debates, discussions and often confusions

1. They handle the job of both constructing and initializing and besides they always have to create a new object, they can't return or initialize a previously allocated object

2. They can only return objects of their type and not of their subclasses

But software engineers and designers have happily come up with solutions that bypass these issues and now we are in a situation, that it would be OK if the next gen. OO language does not improve upon the current behavior. We are fine with it, we have found ways around and are now used to it, added in our code generators and our books.

This also proves that, the uses of a language is more powerful than the language itself.

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