Friday, August 29, 2008

Gmail security tip - Always use https

Hi all,

I am glad many of you I know use GMail for your personal emails - it is a terrific web mail client. And here is a tip to increase the security of your emails. When you go to gmail, there are 2 types of urls - and Note the 's' in https. It stands for secure http and it is the same technology used by web sites accepting credit cards on the web like Amazon, for buying products.

Now here is the reason and the cool part - https secures (encrypted) everything between your computer and gmail servers, so nobody in the middle or around your home network can sniff web traffic. If you are using http, a smart chap can read and find out what you are reading and sending.

To avoid this, there is an excellent feature to secure your gmail so that it always uses https. Go to Gmail -> Settings -> scroll to the bottom and select the option - "always use https".

That's it. Now your gmail experience is secured, nobody except you can see what you are reading or sending. You will thank me for that :)

https is supported in most browsers (up to 99%) you will be using, so do not fret. And it is not supported on some old aunt's one, you shouldn't be reading your email! Remember http and sniffing network traffic and reading others email. Huhhhh scary!


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