Saturday, July 03, 2010

Archaeologists Find Ancient Weapon In Melting Ice Patch : Discovery News

Global warming is turning out to be a savior for archaeologists like Craig Lee from the University of Colorado at Boulder, who are finding ancient relics in recently melted ice patches. 

Lee's lucky strike is the oldest known atlatl dart, an early wooden spear-like hunting weapon, in the Rocky Mountains (pictured, left). 

The research team found the 10,000-year-old weapon in a melting ice in the mountains near Yellowstone National Park. The two-foot long birch spear still had markings from the original hunter.


Atlatls have been found all over the world. Researchers believe the weapon was transported to North American around 12,000 years old by migratory hunters from Asia.

Something good came out of global warming.. More to come I guess.

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